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Bike Parks

Bike parks are holistic in nature--inviting everyone to ride bikes together. Riding a bike boosts resiliency and self-confidence in youth and bike parks deliver an adrenaline-inducing cycling experience for everyone ages 8-80.

Why Bike Parks

51% of kids spend more than 4.5 hours a day on screens

Kids spend more than 4.5 hours a day on screens

(Kids aged 15 and older)

12% of kids reached recommended physical activity levels

Kids Reached recommended physical activity levels

(Kids aged 13 to 15)

40% of kids do not know how to ride a bike

Kids do not know how to ride a bike

(Survey of kids who don't ride bikes)

How We Will Do It


The Saris Foundation funds bike park building projects across the country and beyond. Are you a nonprofit 501 (c) 3, a local business (a local bike shop, etc.), school or municipality that would like to kick-start building a bike park in your community? Get a grant here.


Bikes parks are places for kids to come ride their bikes. Strong, local partnerships are critical to the success of the bike park. We can help you identify local partners who can provide free learn-to-ride programming, bike giveaways, bike repair service and storage that will solidify the long-term success and growth of the bike park.

Community Engagement

We need engaged, local citizens and other community partners to sponsor and lead the project, and to ensure the site selection for the next Saris Bike Park is neighborhood-centered, free to the public, and open to anyone who wants to shred.

Vision for the Future

Dane County Bike Park Madison, WI

Dane County

Madison, WI

Baird Creek Bike Park Green Bay, WI

Baird Creek

Green Bay, WI

Milwaukee Bike Park Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, WI