Saris Becomes Endorser Brand for CycleOps, PowerTap and Bike Fixation

Saris Becomes Endorser Brand for CycleOps, PowerTap and Bike Fixation

Links Brands to Create Larger Platform for Continued Dedication to the Bike

Over the last 40 years, Saris has grown from making bike racks in an old chicken coop to manufacturing a wide assortment of accessories in their expanding Wisconsin world headquarters. Through their products, their business approach and their advocacy, Saris has demonstrated their dedication to the power of the bicycle again and again. Today marks the day that Saris, formerly known as Saris Cycling Group, officially knits their tribe of bike-centric brands together under one endorsing Saris brand.

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This journey began the day Sara and Chris Fortune combined names to form Saris. Today Saris is a brand recognized the world over, thanks in large part to their commitment to bicycle advocacy and American manufacturing. Through the years Saris has welcomed additional brands to their previously named Saris Cycling Group. First CycleOps, then PowerTap, and earlier this year Bike Fixation joined the team. While each of these brands carried at their core the same dedication to American manufacturing, along with a passion for creating safe spaces to train and ride, Saris realized their mission could be amplified by linking together their brands under the endorsing name of Saris.

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Yet, many don’t know how Saris got its moniker. Over pizza and beer, a small team of employees gathered, putting ideas to paper for a new name. Co-founder Sara Fortune brainstormed Sara + Chris name combinations that would stand the test of time. The result was Saris, a name that appears on millions of bike racks and is tied to long standing bicycle advocacy partnerships on a local, regional and national level.

“Our customers want to know who we are and what we stand for,” said Chris Fortune, owner and founder of Saris. “The answer is the same as it has been since we started: the bike, and its transformative powers, are at the heart of everything we do. We’re a tight-knit team of innovators, diligently forging products for various cyclists who are just like us. Together we’re committed to creating safer places to ride for not only ourselves, but for our communities as a whole. We’ve been working as one tribe in one farmhouse with one warehouse since we started, and today we reinforce that message and our mission - united under one brand.”

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“Additionally, the more we heard from our customers”, said Marketing Director, Heather Fortune, “The more we recognized the considerable power in linking those positive relationships together. This streamlining of our brand presence will expand and solidify the confidence our customers have in our full portfolio of products, especially across categories. It will also help our retail partners tell the story of who we are and what we stand for, making it easier to seamlessly weave together this connection for our customers.”

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As part of this rebranding, Saris is also merging their parking and infrastructure brands to be one under the Bike Fixation name. A Midwest manufacturer with a deep commitment to the bike, Bike Fixation found a kindred spirit in Saris when they joined the collective in late 2016. Starting today, all formerly known Saris Products will be part of the Bike Fixation catalogue. From trailheads to transition stations, Bike Fixation envisions a world of cycling products accessible anywhere two wheels can lead you.

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Saris’ range of products have freed millions of bicyclists to explore new territory and terrain, commute to and from work, simulate outdoor rides inside and strive for their most powerful bike ride yet. For more information on Saris, their brands and their mission, visit the new

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